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Diktaş, oltalı, üçbaşak, bora, ham iplik,

fishing rod

Oltali Cut fiber is polyester thread. You can use 36 & 50 number yarn in thick clothing group such as jeans and coat, and 120 number yarn in thin clothing group such as combed cotton and t-shirt.

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Üçbaşak Mercerized Raw sewing thread.

  • Raw: Made of 100% corn cotton. Unprocessed. It is suitable for use in dark colors.

  • Soft: Made of high quality 100% corn cotton. Semi-bleached. Suitable for medium colors.

  • 282-y: Made from high quality 100% corn cotton. As a result of the mercerized, gaze and special processes applied, high strength and brightness are gained. Fully processed. It is the most ideal yarn for piece dyeing. Suitable for all colors.

  • 0000: Suitable for white jobs only.

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Altınbaşak Poly Poly sewing threads are produced by coating staple fiber polyester on endless fibers. It has high strength. Provides comfortable use on coverstitches.

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